2021- The Year of the Reset- Homes and Self

Dear Friends,

As we enter a new year- I join the chorus of countless others who exclaim that self-care has never been more justified and crucial. The picture above was taken during a three-day meditation reset this November in Crestone, CO (link). Nature is healing. 

The greatest gift you can give yourself is a break from the cacophony, and immerse yourself in the wild… breath… ramble on… and listen.  Wishing you a peaceful and nourishing New Year. 


Mike Lubin 465 Park Avenue 18B

Featuring 465 Park Avenue, 18B – $4,500,000 (link)

Apartment 18B at 465 Park Avenue, The Ritz Tower (link), from master Emery Roth in 1926- at the time, the tallest residence in the world.

View the Listing (link)

Home Beautification

One of my great joys in life is striving to enliven my environment. My desk at the office is a veritable jungle of plants, artwork from my son Jack, custom seat and a cool desk lamp. I feel good every time I park myself in front of my computer.

When listing an apartment for sale, I have a knack for staging- or quite simply: either rearranging, editing or subtracting furnishings in a client’s home. Very often I am working with an empty home- and creating a virtual, 4-dimensional life- the 4th dimension being spirit.

Many people hire stagers for this work- I engage in this esteemed work myself- artwork- furnishings- décor- plants- flowers- and on occasion palo santo or other sacred elements (link).

Mike Lubin Blog Post Sacred Elements

Every new home begins with a dream of what life can be like in that space, and my privilege to help create that story is among my greatest joys in my work.

Here are a few of my favorite pics of places I’ve staged for my clients- I also offer these services to clients after they have moved into their new home to maximize their joy.

465 Park Avenue 26A
320 West 138th Street

And now, the 2021 market recap…

The 2021 New York City residential sales market broke records nearly every week of the year. In fact, Thanksgiving week was the strongest sales week at 37 signed contracts above $4M since 2006- (source Olshan.com – link)

Brown harris Stevens Market Update

I’m confident that the coming year will remain STRONG– settling into one’s optimal home has never been more important– our lifestyles have changed to encourage more nesting and there’s only one NYC.  Even Millennials with wanderlust have changed course! (link) (as written about in the Wall Street Journal on December 14, 2021)

NYC skyline Blog Image

If you’ve been thinking about buying or selling an apartment in New York City- or if you know someone who is– say hello. Please reach out if you’re looking for some guidance. NOW is the time to love where you live.

~Mike ❤️

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